A glimpse of a never-seen V-Back All Wire Display Hook on duty at a specialty shop in one of the largest discount outlet malls on the East Coast. In massive quantities you might achieve some savings in materials and cost. But a standard design All Wire Hook incorporates a U-shape Back, legs that enter the display surface vertically not at an angle, a third leg (part of the frontwire) extending downward, and a weldpoint farther forward on the frontwire. Logically it would seem the third leg, wider stance of the U-shape, and more vertical upper legs would provide added stability and prevent yaw. In addition, many All Wire designs mount to slatwall as shown, pegboard, and other surfaces right out of the box or with minor modification on ordering.  It is unknown if this hook is also as versatile. Has anyone done a direct comparison of mainstream hooks with this rare find?  Please comment.  Meanwhile add this image to your collection of uncommon and possibly endangered species of hook. From the poor condition, it is a very early model somehow surviving to this day.

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