flat back crossbar psuedo-slatwall scan hook

This bar-based, psuedo-slatwall scanning hook design is the epitome of high-end, industrial design and precision manufacture. It’s bar mount features micro-slatwall-like grooves.  The backplate sports embossed weldments that also add to the depth of the design.  The display frontwire is heavy gauge for the load, while the separate scan arm wire is light gauge. The extruded label holder is the most modern, labor-saving plain paper style with flip action to swing out of the way during product access.  If I were a fixture designer, this would be the hook I would want to be remembered for … and buried with. It heightens the well-heeled image of this cookware specialty boutique. I wonder what such a tricked-out, “high performance,” advanced-application hook costs? And is there a soft-top convertible model with 5-speed manual transmission?

Want an actual hook designed by the famous company?
Visit the Porsche Design Group and submit your own specifications.

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