Linear One-Piece Multi-Hook for Slatwire

This linear multi-hooked fixture made a dramatic, well-organized, massed presentation of simple instant shoe polish kits.  It consists of a series of hooks welded in place to a double-wire horizontal frame, with the entire unit mounting to slatwire. Being a one-piece design, it installs in an instant, naked or as a fully loaded prepack.  There were two basic size units, one that spanned a 4-foot gondola, and one 2-feet in width permitting use in narrower powerwing applications, or spanning an entire gondola if positioned two-up.

Where used the multi-hooks made a phenomenally good presentation of products … very. very orderly, regular, neat in appearance, with no wasted space. Far, far less variable than individual hooks employed at custom spacing for each individual item. But such orderly presentation is easy if all the products are the same size, like these kits. Though this unit could be used in a variety of retail environments, it was seen in a Sporting Goods Chain, and hence that will be included among its TAGs.

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