Utility Hooks display soccer balls among sportswear offerings.

Cross merchandising and sales psychology combined. The impromptu adjacency of these soccer balls helped to legitimize a retailer’s offerings as sports-” and fitness-wear to passing shoppers.  We all have a mental image of ourselves. And if that image is athletic, we are drawn to clothing to support the notion. Soccer balls reinforce the myth all the more. Even though the balls were window dressing, the overall look was quite classy, and stock utility hooks provided the means directly within the clothing displays. Though not high capacity, the function was image and effect, not high-volume sales to kids. (The balls were assumed to be for children accompanying shoppers in that they were located within adult clothing, were undersize and non-regulation, and embedded at child heights.)  No new fixtures were required to implement this strategy. The utility hooks were store-standard. saddle mount to bar merchandisers mated to the gondola uprights.

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