What is interesting about this situation is the problem not the solution. How to shelf edge label delicate baked goods traditionally packed in easily torn thin plastic wraps? Here the solution decided upon was individual Hanging Label Holders for Adhesive Labels, mounted via a snap closure. The radiused corners and swing reduce the threat to packaging and soft, fresh baked goods. However there are, as usual, a range of solutions. These include individual holders and long label strips mounted with split rings or zip-ties, as well as edge-gripping, shelf-spanning label strips hinged to swing out of the way for easy product access. All versions are also available in adhesive- and plain-paper-label styles. Which is best for you? Seems there are never any easy answers in store planning and visual merchandising. Even simple problems have a raft of possible solutions. But all reputable manufacturers are open to providing samples. Why not look at and test the alternatives for function and visual appeal first hand? Meanwhile I will scout for examples of these other solutions in the field. *****

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