Coffin Case Median Gridwall Display

Coffin Case Median Gridwall Display

Having studied and worked under an architect, I am fascinated by the design principles that create interesting environments for people.  For one, it is not an endless view to infinity that is interesting.  Rather it is the modulation of space, moving from a tight, intimate space, rounding a corner, and THEN being surprised with a vista. This happens in retail environments too. Shopping in enclosed, protected, human-scale aisles, then turning the corner and being presented a broad spacious boulevard … double banks of coffin cases in a processional way stretching on into the distance … or in most cases back to the scrumptious treats of the deli department. Comparatively you have now entered a huge linear open space akin to Park Avenue, NYC.  But such a prime and impactful refrigerated retail plaza is valuable merchandising real estate.  How to use it without destroying the effect … like the visual pollution of placing billboards in the middle of the Palisades Parkway?

This cross-merchandising Coffin Case Median Gridwall Display offers a possible approach.  It is low enough to not obstruct the view, and as an open grid, light enough in profile to have less visual mass than other display possibilities. If one HAD to more intensely merchandise the coffin case aisle, you might consider a “visually open” solution like this.

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Coffin Case Median Gridwall Display “ (This Post)

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