Label Overlap Triggers OCD

Label Overlap Triggers OCD

Label Overlap Triggers OCD

While this plastic panel floorstand display might be successful in all other aspects … bright eye-catching colors … distinctive upscale color plastic perf board … catchy, rage-of-the-season product … it shows that Murphy’s Law rules even in retail point of purchase displays and its Label Overlap Triggers OCD.  Flip-style-front scanning hooks were mounted on 2″ centers, but the 2″ label holders were not consistently 2″ in width.  This caused interference in label holder flip-function and a slightly disheveled look as the label holders sat askew.

Sadly what can go wrong obviously will go wrong. As this Blog’s “About” Page states … “The Devil is in the Details.”  Best practices dictate that label holders should be nominally undersized relative to scan hook spacing.  It is unknown whether this was a manufacturing inconsistency in label holder size, a planogram error, or improper setup violating the planogram.  The author apologizes for his OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) in seeing mainly askew label holders when he looks at an otherwise bright, happy display. CLICK thumbnail for an alternate larger view.

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