Angled Straight-Entry Scan Hook

Angled Straight-Entry Scan Hook

This Angled Straight-Entry Scan Hook design is a unique solution to displaying large, flat merchandise.  The scan hook extends at a diagonal from the vertical display surface.  The product then displays at a 45° angle to passing aisle traffic. Product visibility is fairly good, and the density of display is increased. The large flat backplate actually slides into a mount, making this a straight entry hook concept. Straight entry hooks provide easy mounting and relocation of stocked hooks in tight places, under shelves, or in fully loaded displays without the removal of product.  They speed display changeover boosting sales through aggressive merchandising, refreshed presentations, seasonal selling, and by allowing tight, no-wasted-space planogram layouts. Straight-entry hooks support more sophisticated merchandising and will ultimately have a number of entries in Fixtures Up Close.

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