Its amazing how much time one has to browse fixtures while a lovely wife tries out alternating shades of Nail Polish on her 10 delectable, sandal-exposed toes. As minutes passed my wandering eye focused on the pull-out capability of this bar merchandiser.  The triple-guide surely provides a more stable mount than a single guide might, and exhibited very little “slop” or “play” in operation. In addition it provided minute spacing increments in a department known for tiny products. I was a bit hard-pressed for a true concrete exigency to “slide” a cosmetics department bar merchandiser forward. There is no need to provide for rotation of dated merchandise, or heavily stock the hooks. The design did allow total removal of the bar, and substitution of compatible slide-out shelves and sign holders from adjacent displays … maybe its true purpose. In one aspect it was totally effective. It “branded” the fixtures and department allowing only compatible fixtures (and one assumes supported cosmetic brands) to be displayed. It’s intricate design was also more upscale in a department requiring sophistication in merchandising. Note that the hook is saddle mount to the bar, and employs a standard Sham for inventory control, setting stock reorder levels, and facing product.

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