Uniweb® is a metal vertical display surface most often seen behind the counter in Pharmacies and on the selling floor in drug store cosmetic departments. This freestanding display featured a plastic Uniweb-type display surface and matching plastic butterfly hooks. Both seemed engineered for loads far heavier than the eye wear exhibited, implying additional display possibilities in the field. The principal advantage over main-line display surfaces and hooks (slatwall, pegboard, grid, etc.) would seem to be that the fixtures could not be commandeered for other uses … that is the eye wear display hooks only mated with the eye wear display.  The heavy design also insured no repurposing to other Uniweb-types. (I have seen other non-metal Uniweb-style displays of seemingly different design. I will try to capture for future comparison). Not that there is not intensive color coding of eyeglass Diopter strength on these packages or the display generally. See other color-coded posts for alternate approaches.

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